BSc in Tourism Retail and Marketing Management is a four-year degree program, offering knowledge and skills in retail and marketing operation and management in the tourism context, in both physical and digital format. The program aims at preparing learners for their future careers in the retail industry with upward developing potential, via

1) preparing learners with business basics such as accounting, economics, language and communication skills, and computer applications;

2) cultivating problem identifying and solving skills in the retail settings;

3) developing sustainable, innovative and strategic way of thinking in the retail context;

so that upon graduation the learners will be able to operate and manage retail businesses in a sustainable manner, offer innovative business solutions to retail clients, and even pursuing an entrepreneurial career by developing new retail business from scratch where opportunity exist, in tourism destinations. The program is taught in English and it adopts a blended learning mode, integrating theoretical learning in classrooms and practical learning in labs and industry operational sites. In addition, retail projects with real clients are a shining part of the program.