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Heritage Management at IFT

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The Bachelor of Science in Heritage Management programme is probably the only heritage programme in the world that is offered within a tourism context. The location of the programme in a city of rich cultural heritage, including a UNESCO World Heritage site, makes it an ideal place to study for those who want to pursue a career in heritage management, cultural management, heritage tourism, museum management, anthropology or education.

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Career Paths

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The Heritage Management programme equips graduates with the core knowledge and skills to meet the multiple challenges of contemporary heritage management. Possible career paths on graduation from the course include conservation, cultural management, cultural tourism, museum management and public education. Students learn the various ways the concept of cultural heritage contributes towards economic, social and environmental development. This makes IFT heritage graduates especially suited for professions related to community, cultural and urban development, heritage-based tourism, and cultural industries, in both public and private sectors.

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Alumni Sharing

Vicky Chen, alumna of IFT Heritage Management Bachelor Degree Programme is now studying her PhD in intangible cultural heritage in Hong Kong. Let’s see her sharing of her enriching education experience at IFT.

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Learning Environment

Our programme offers unique opportunities for students to master theory and application in the field of heritage management, enhance their skills in written and oral communication and gain hands-on experience in a variety of heritage related subjects.

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Field Study Trips

Our programme is committed to enhancing teaching through field experience. Our Year 4 students have the opportunity to take part in an overseas field study trip. Participating students spend about a week or more in a partner institute where they will join local experts to work on projects related to heritage management in that region. Field study comprises of a workshop, field work and site visits.

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International Exposure @ IFT

The Institute for Tourism Studies located in culturally-rich Macao, China is offering unprecedented opportunities for students focused on the service industry. These opportunities will become your passport to success as the challenging tourism and service industries definitely welcome candidates who are knowledgeable in cultural diversity and have sound international experience.
Based on your ability and interest, you could choose to participate in and link up exchange programmes or activities ranging from one week to two years. Such experience helps enrich your extra-curricular knowledge, broaden your horizon, understand cultural diversity and make foreign friends.

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What our students say...

“IFT’s Heritage Management programme offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary curriculum, including courses in business and tourism, as well as heritage management, principles of conservation, museum management, heritage interpretation and heritage economics. These courses are carefully structured so that each is as in-depth as possible, yet perfectly connected with the others.”

Inaciso Chan     Class of 2009
“The majority of us were resolute - not that we knew where this bachelor degree could lead us in our future career, but because we cherished the study area we had chosen, and tried to make the most out of it.”
“Our Institute has always known how to train professionals properly, and it has always been good at it.”
“I am grateful for IFT’s unique study environment, its top-notch academic resources and facilities, as well as its international atmosphere.”
“No matter if I am doing office work or involved in underwater excavations … I can always find something familiar, something I have encountered before during my days at IFT, from which I can extract useful things and use them to my advantage.”

Steven Zhao    Class of 2010
“IFT provided me with a memorable experience and valuable education. When I first stepped into my career, I discovered that communication skills and the ability to solve problems were essential tools to face challenges at work.”

“Because of this, some of my former IFT classmates and I have established a non-profit association aiming to enhance people’s understanding and awareness of cultural heritage development in Macao.”

Orson Wong   Class of 2010
“I applied to IFT’s Heritage Management programme because I had an interest in local history and heritage sites.”

“It proved to be very beneficial for me to learn about topics such as management, heritage conservation, site interpretation and event organisation during my educational journey.”

Laura Lee   Class of 2011
“Our first field trip – to the historic town of Vigan in the Philippines – offered us a very practical experience to learn about other UNESCO World Heritage sites beyond Macao.”

Amy Lo   Class of 2011
“The value of the bachelor degree became clearer to me as I began attending classes and doing practical projects, as IFT provides a conducive learning environment and a progressive pedagogic approach to guide students through academic knowledge and practical training opportunities.”

“I benefited from an internship opportunity at the UNESCO Bangkok office, in Thailand, that sparked my interest in pursuing advanced studies in conservation.”

Vicky Chen   Class of 2012
“If someone asks me now, I can assure them that IFT is one of the best colleges in East Asia in the field of heritage management.”

Fannie Lin   Class of 2013

“My purpose in studying Heritage Management at IFT was straightforward – I love history.”

“The knowledge and experience I gained at IFT help me a lot in my work, including in conducting interviews, in team projects, and in writing articles.”

Alex Lou   Class of 2014

“Now that I am a Year 4 student at IFT’s Heritage Management bachelor degree programme, I must say this programme has never failed to amaze me.”

“As an IFT student, I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to apply during my curricular internship what I had learned throughout the programme.”

Melanie Ma   Class of 2015

Colina de Mong-Ha
Macao, China

+853 2856 1252