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Tourism Business Management at IFT

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Established in 1995, Bachelor of Science in Tourism Business Management is a four-year degree programme that offers graduates a wide repertoire of management skills that can be applied in national and international tourism businesses. It gives students to a broad view of tourism management by exposing them to contemporary and emerging issues in tourism. The programme helps students develop professional skills and knowledge for managing destinations, both in professional and academic aspect.

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Career Paths

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The students have an opportunity to interact with the tourism industry through practicum and internship programmes. In the final year, the students analyse and discuss current and emerging issues in tourism, gaining an in-depth understanding of the many aspects of this industry through thesis writing. By the end of the programme, the graduates are well-equipped to pursue postgraduate study or to use the general skills to find jobs in public, private and voluntary sectors.

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Alumni Sharing

Norjoo Ganbold, IFT’s Tourism Business Management Bachelor Degree Programme Year 3 student from Mongolia, completed her fruitful 6-month internship at Venetian, one of the largest hotels in Macao, to gain valuable work experience. Let’s check out her enriching study experience at IFT!

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Learning Environment

We have the resources to guide students along the many stages of exploration in their undergraduate education. Our unique curriculum provides the fundamental knowledge base that students need for their future advancement.

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Field Study Trips

Field trips are recognized as important moments in learning; a shared social experience that provides the opportunity for students to encounter and explore novel things in an authentic setting.

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International Exposure @ IFT

The Institute for Tourism Studies located in culturally-rich Macao, China is offering unprecedented opportunities for students focused on the service industry. These opportunities will become your passport to success as the challenging tourism and service industries definitely welcome candidates who are knowledgeable in cultural diversity and have sound international experience.
Based on your ability and interest, you could choose to participate in and link up exchange programmes or activities ranging from one week to two years. Such experience helps enrich your extra-curricular knowledge, broaden your horizon, understand cultural diversity and make foreign friends.

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What our students learn...

“Students can join diverse clubs and short courses in order to make new friends and develop interests.”

Horus     Year 1 Student
“It helps us cultivate professional and practical skills to be applied flexibly in tourism industry in the future.”

Lucy    Year 2 Student
“The most interesting thing is gaining knowledge in a wide range of knowledge, such as aviation and travel agencies.”

Chris   Year 3 Student
“The content of this programme is well-organized and with numerous opportunities to broaden my horizons and get ready for work in the tourism industry. ”

Johnny   Year 4 Student

Colina de Mong-Ha
Macao, China

+853 2856 1252