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Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT), established in 1995, is a public institution of higher education under the governance of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, offering a wide range of tourism related undergraduate programmes and professional training, which include areas in hospitality, tourism business, heritage, events, retail and marketing, leisure and entertainment, sports and recreation, creative and cultural studies, and culinary arts.

Tourism College and Tourism and Hotel School are the 2 major components of IFT. They offer four-year bachelor’s degree programmes and professional training courses respectively.

Tourism College

Offering 6 daytime bachelor degree programmes taught in English and 3 evening bachelor degree programmes taught in Chinese, covering areas from hospitality to tourism and business management. With the goal of consolidating students’ knowledge with first-hand experience, a 6-month internship is compulsory for all students. During the internship, students can explore and develop a professional attitude and the adaptability needed for their future career. They can also explore their career path via the internship programme.

Tourism and Hotel School

To promote lifelong learning, Tourism and Hotel School offers a range of daytime and evening courses for students who join the School with different needs. It also offers courses and related examinations for students to acquire international qualifications. Meanwhile, the School works closely with the community to offer a selection of courses of different levels in different areas, including Hospitality; Food and Beverage; Heritage and Tourism; Health, Spa and Beauty; Creative Studies and IT; Language and Culture; Retail, Events and Business; Personal Development, in response to the society’s demands.
Internship providers
Strong connections between IFT and hotel and hospitality enterprises around the world provide IFTs students ample opportunities for quality internships
Number of people certified by MORS since its introduction in 2001
Scholarships available each year
Firm support by the government, industry and the community has allowed IFT to establish 25 partnerships that award scholarships
Number of graduates
Candidates were awarded bachelor’s degrees in 2017/18

Efficient Management

Effectiveness and Efficiency in decision-making is core to IFT’s management. Our experienced management team ensures the Institute’s effective operation and successful completion of its mission.

Honours and Awards

As a tourism education institute striving for excellence, IFT has received great compliments for its teaching quality and contributions to the community. The Institute has been awarded with honours and awards bestowed by bodies in Macao SAR, Mainland China and across the world. Below are some of them:
IFT again maintained a sound financial position in the 2017 financial year, reflecting the prudence of its management.
Actual expenditure for fiscal year 2017
ItemsActual expenditure%
Personnel Expenses215,232,224.4872.2%
Operating Expenses72,169,596.7624.2%
Campus Construction and Equipment Consumption6,693,710.132.3%
Actual income for fiscal year 2017
ItemsActual income%
Tourism Fund38,000,000.0012.0%
Government Subvention194,107,192.0061.3%
Tuition Fees51,116,858.1716.1%
Services and Other Activities13,088,439.804.1%
Balance Brought Forward from Last Year16,529,087.485.2%

Year in Review

Student Activities

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