Fanny Vong



Academic year 2018/19 at the Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) was exceptional in many respects. We continued to strengthen our contribution to facilitating the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Greater Bay Area), and took giant leaps in terms of IFT’s own development. These moves will undoubtedly be instrumental when it comes to IFT fulfilling its role as a top provider of education in the field of tourism and hospitality in the Asia-Pacific region.

IFT contributions to the Greater Bay Area initiative – a major national strategy which has an impact on Macao’s overall role in the country’s development – included work to promote the SAR as a tourism and education training base for the city cluster. During academic year 2018/19, the Institute was involved in the formation of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Tourism Research Alliance. IFT was also one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the Alliance for Developing Macao into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Tourism Education and Training Base.

During the year, we at IFT concluded all preparatory work to enable the Institute to start offering postgraduate programmes, and also finalised an in-depth review of the charter regulating IFT’s internal structure. These were significant milestones for the Institute, although the results of such work are only becoming obvious to the majority of the IFT community from this academic year: 2019/20 is when we started our first postgraduate courses – leading either to a postgraduate diploma, a master’s degree or a PhD – and adopted a new internal organisation.

I wish to express – on behalf of the Institute’s management – gratitude to every member of the IFT team involved in, respectively, IFT’s participation in the Greater Bay Area initiative, the preparatory work for our postgraduate programmes, and in the review of our charter. Each team member’s exceptional passion, energy and determination were very important in pushing ahead with these endeavours and opportunities.

We remained committed to the continuous improvement of our facilities, to ensure provision of an optimal environment for people either to learn, to teach or to conduct research. Our Educational Hotel, Pousada de Mong-Há, which has won many awards, saw the continuation of a major refurbishment. We have also been acting on plans regarding upgrade of our IFT Taipa Campus, including development there of a second educational hotel.

As the social and economic development of Macao – and that of the rest of the Greater Bay Area – leads to rising demand for tourism and hospitality professionals, IFT must spare no effort to respond to such need. In that regard, I would like to express our gratitude to the Macao SAR Government, our industry partners, providers of scholarships, and the community in general, for their constant support for IFT. Their ongoing trust is critically important to our Institute’s future.

During 2020, we at IFT celebrate the Institute’s 25th anniversary. Since being established in 1995, IFT has made great strides in upgrading the quality of the education it provides, in raising its global competitiveness, and in promoting international cooperation. Looking ahead, it is our duty to build on the achievements made in academic year 2018/19 and ensure the Institute continues to gain momentum in terms of development.

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