Part of the mission of the IFT Tourism and Hotel School is to assist in Macao’s economic diversification. The School has met that objective by expanding the courses it offers in creative fields.

The programmes vary in duration and degree of specialisation, and the subjects covered range from fine-art painting to computer animation, and on to crafting leather accessories.

IFT’s contribution to teaching and training workers in the cultural sector has been enhanced in recent years. The Institute now has a seat on the Committee of Cultural Industries, a body advising the Government.

IFT’s Tourism and Hotel School additionally makes regular contributions to culture and the arts in Macao by holding art exhibitions at the Mong-Há Campus. Entrance is free to each exhibition. Some exhibitions show the work of Macao artists that teach at the IFT Tourism and Hotel School, and the work of the students they teach.

With the cooperation of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao, the IFT Tourism and Hotel School also offers programmes that lead to qualifications relevant to the cultural and creative sectors. The Certificate Programme in Arts Administration, in particular, helps build the skills of individuals in that field and also develop Macao’s management capacity in relation to the cultural and creative sectors.



IFT introduced in 2019 a programme called “Art Mingle@IFT”. The series was part of the Institute’s contribution to Art Macao, a 5-month initiative focused on international arts and culture and promoted by the Cultural Affairs Bureau.

“Splendid Quintessence – Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition” was the first of a series of activities promoted by IFT as part of “Art Mingle@IFT”. A total of 12 pieces – either calligraphy or painting – created by an aggregate of 6 renowned artists hailing either from Macao or Mainland China, were on display at the Educational Restaurant on IFT’s Mong-Há Campus from 20 June to 21 July.

“Reunion – Group Exhibition of Contemporary Art” was held from 8 August until 13 September, also under “Art Mingle@IFT”. It featured 17 works by an aggregate of 6 artists living either in Macao or Mainland China. The exhibition was also held in the Educational Restaurant.

IFT hosted an additional 2 art exhibitions in academic year 2018/19. Several Chinese calligraphy works by local artist Ms. Ho Lai Sim were on display at the Team Building at IFT’s Mong-Há Campus, from 16 October 2018 until 31 January 2019. The exhibition also featured works by Ms. Ho’s students. The IFT Tourism and Hotel School has been offering, since 2017, short-term, elementary-level calligraphy courses led by Ms. Ho.

In addition, a total of 30 collage artworks created by local artist Mr. Lai Sio Kit and his IFT short-term course students, was exhibited at the Team Building. The exhibition, titled “Mixing This Matching That: Exhibition of Collage Art by Lai Sio Kit and his students”, ran from 7 March until June 2.

In academic year 2018/19 IFT offered courses in:

Advertising design


Floral design

Souvenir design and production

Chinese and Western painting

Chinese calligraphy and Old English calligraphy

Contemporary ceramics

Design and production of leather-carving crafts

Do-it-yourself recycling design and production

Arts administration

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