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IFTM Hengqin Training Base hosts first vocational course

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

The IFTM Hengqin Training Base held its first vocational tourism training course in January. The 2-day programme focused on the development of vocational training standards, using as reference the Macao Occupational Skills Recognition System (MORS), promoted by IFTM.

The IFTM Hengqin Training Base was established following a framework agreement on cooperation signed last December between IFTM and the Management Committee of the Hengqin New Area. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Luo Shugang, and then-Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao SAR Government, Dr. Alexis Tam Chon Weng.

Hengqin Island is located in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, next door to Macao. It is being promoted as a centre for leisure tourism that can be complementary to Macao’s entertainment attractions.

The inaugural training course took place on 13 and 14 January in Hengqin. It attracted nearly 40 participants, drawn from an aggregate of more than 10 bodies, including tourism education institutions, training organisations and industry associations. The entities included: the Guangdong Polytechnic of Science and Technology; the City College of Huizhou; the Tourism School of the Zhuhai College of Jilin University; and the Kaifeng Vocational College of Culture and Arts.

IFTM Vice President Ms. Florence Ian said during the course’s opening ceremony that the IFTM Hengqin Training Base would make use of Macao’s competitive advantages in tourism education and tourism development, to help elevate service standards within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. In addition, the Training Base would promote the development of a tourism cooperation platform between Hengqin and Macao.

Three instructors from IFTM’s School of Continuing Education, all engaged in the MORS scheme, took part in the training course. They were: Coordinator for MORS and Hospitality Courses Mr. Kurma Mac; Coordinator for Food and Beverage Courses Mr. Edwyn Tam; and Lecturer Mr. Derek Fong.

On the first day of the training event, they discussed with participants the introduction of standards for vocational training in tourism. The IFTM representatives also talked about the development and design of vocational courses in tourism, taking MORS as a reference, and shared insights on their practical experience in conducting MORS-related assessments.

The second day of the programme included a field trip to the facilities of IFTM in Macao, and to the Venetian Macao integrated resort.

Participants in the programme stated they were satisfied with the course. They reported it was a fruitful experience.

The leadership at the IFTM Hengqin Training Base will work on plans to introduce MORS training to more educational institutions in the Greater Bay Area, particularly in Hengqin. It will also work to raise further the profile of MORS within the Greater Bay Area tourism industry.

MORS is an important long-term endeavour by the IFTM School of Continuing Education. It is the result of a joint effort by the Macao tourism industry and IFTM to establish a training scheme leading to certification for certain front-line jobs. Workers can have their skills assessed and earn the appropriate MORS certificates.

The system was introduced in 2001, with the support of the European Union. The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has given the scheme the PATA Gold Award in Education and Training.