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A reward for talent

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

L’Arc Hotel Macau has made an enduring commitment to support IFT undergraduates that excel academically and eagerly engage in extra-curricular activities. The hotel has been giving scholarships to IFT undergraduates for a long time.

The management of L’Arc Hotel Macau started the L’Arc Macau Talent Recognition Programme in academic year 2010/11. The programme awards scholarships to Year 4 IFT undergraduates every year.

“Through the establishment of the L’Arc Macau Talent Recognition Programme, we hope to cooperate with IFT and support those that want to develop a career in the tourism and hotel industries,” says the L’Arc Hotel Macau General Manager Mr. Anthony Tam.

Mr. Tam says the programme is a way of fostering Macao talent. He praises IFT for turning out people qualified to work in the tourism and hospitality business.

“Macao’s hotel industry has gradually adopted the integrated resort model since 2002 and has seen the introduction of high-end retailing, of conferences and exhibitions, and of new forms of entertainment,” he says. “IFT has always kept abreast of the latest trends in the tourism and hotel industries.”

L’Arc Hotel Macau is on the Macao Peninsula. The property opened in September 2009, featuring serviced apartments, an international five-star hotel, and entertainment and dining facilities, all within a single complex.

Gauge of potential

The L’Arc Macau Talent Recognition Programme is open to all IFT undergraduates except those taking the programme leading to a Bachelor Degree in Heritage Management.

Every year, 3 students are awarded scholarships worth MOP10,000 each. The recipients are selected from among the top 5 students in Year 4 of each IFT bachelor degree programme. To be eligible, a student must have a grade point average of at least 3.0 points. In choosing the scholarship winners, L’Arc Hotel Macau gives preference to undergraduates that have taken part in extra-curricular activities or have been on exchanges.

Each year IFT gives the L’Arc Macau Talent Recognition Programme a list of the candidates for scholarships that the Institute recommends. Managers of the hotel interview the candidates, and the managers and IFT jointly select the winners.