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行業專家點評學士學位課程(中文學制)學生活動策劃提案 學生獲益良多

澳門旅遊學院旅遊會展及節目管理學士學位課程(中文學制)三年級學生於9月完成了以“我們的行銷策略 – 觸動人心的活動、直達人心的策略”為題的小組提案,其中不少組別以策劃公益活動為主軸,並配合時下各項社會議題構思活動計劃,包括疫苗接種、關懷自閉症兒童、為唐氏綜合症人士募款以及同性戀群體等。...



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The challenge of uncertainty

A new academic year has just started at IFTM. It however differs in many ways from previous ones. We are all navigating our way through uncertain times. COVID-19 has changed substantially the way we live, and is affecting the way teaching and study is conducted at higher education institutions. Read More

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