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Culinary Arts Management students take part in a photo shoot for CCTV show on Macao gastronomy

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

A group of IFTM students enrolled on the Culinary Arts Management Bachelor’s Degree Programme recently took part in a photo shoot at the Ruins of St. Paul’s for a show on Macao’s rich gastronomy, being produced by national television broadcaster CCTV.

The students were accompanied by IFTM Lecturer Mr. Benjamin Chen Kuan Ting.

The photo shoot took place on October 31. It aimed to mimic a photograph featuring a group of Macao chefs, taken at the same spot 20 years ago.

CCTV’s show “Taste of Macao” is being produced to promote the city’s gastronomic diversity and showcase its East-meets-West culinary features. The production follows a strategic cooperation agreement signed last year between the Macao SAR Government and the China Media Group, the parent of CCTV, to boost collaboration in broadcasting matters and content development.

“Taste of Macao” is another step in consolidating the city’s status as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy since its designation in 2017 for such a role. IFTM has been closely involved in this effort – alongside local chefs, other industry professionals, and the local government – to promote Macao’s gastronomic inheritance and culinary creativity to the world.

IFTM’s Culinary Arts Management academic programme, launched in 2011, plays an important role in developing fresh talent for Macao’s catering industry. Besides offering courses covering professional skills and specialised knowledge linked to the food and drink sector, the bachelor’s degree allows students to learn about Macao cuisine’s origins, preparation, and characteristics, and the culture behind it.