Alumni Main Headline

Dozens of IFT alumni reunite at annual dinner

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

About 80 IFT alumni attended the IFT Alumni Annual Dinner, held at the IFT Educational Restaurant on 29 September. The alumni took the opportunity to connect or reconnect with each other, and to hear the latest news about matters to do with IFT.

The aim of the annual dinner is to strengthen the ties between the Institute and its alumni. It gives alumni a chance to network and to tell each other about their experiences at work.

IFT President Dr. Fanny Vong brought the diners up to date on developments at IFT. Dr. Vong noted the contributions of IFT alumni to the tourism and hospitality industries, and stressed how important their contributions are to burnishing the reputation the Institute has gained for delivering high-quality education to students. She thanked the alumni for their endorsement of the work IFT does.

IFT Alumni Association President Mr. Armando Amante gave the gathering the latest news about the association and the plans it is making. Mr. Amante acknowledged the support the IFT management gives the association.

Games and a lucky draw added to the fun of the IFT Alumni Annual Dinner.

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