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Ferrandi Paris chef sees pâtissier’s art as tasty treat for tourists

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Appreciation of the pâtissier’s art is so much in vogue in many parts of the world that it can tempt tourists to travel far afield to savour the best creations. So says Chef Lucas Siwinski, a French pastry chef, who for the past 2 years has been teaching at Ferrandi, the prestigious culinary school in Paris.

Chef Siwinski visited IFT in September to give a week of instruction on making French pastries, cakes and desserts. His visit was a result of the partnership between the Institute and Ferrandi. He taught IFT students pursuing bachelor degrees in Culinary Arts Management, and held workshops for the public.

The purpose was to introduce audiences to the ingredients and techniques used in a top-notch French pâtisserie and to give practical demonstrations of how to combine them – “something they don’t see every day”, Chef Siwinski says. “A week is not a lot of time, so I wanted to give them motivation to learn more about pastry,” he says.

Macao already benefits from the fame of its egg tarts. Chef Siwinski believes the city can benefit further by making a special effort to appeal to the sweet tooth of its visitors. He says appreciation of the pâtissier’s art is a growing trend around the world, so much so that outstanding manifestations of the art in one place could attract tourists from another.

Chef Siwinski’s visit to IFT was his first foray into Asia. He felt at home in Macao because, he says, he is accustomed to teaching Asian students at Ferrandi. He applauds the attitude of his audiences at IFT and praises their work.

Before he began teaching at Ferrandi, Chef Siwinski first worked in various pâtisseries in Paris and then went out to see the world, working in Australia and South America. It was in South America that he began teaching the pâtissier’s art.

Ferrandi is one of the top culinary schools in France. It opened in 1920 and it has since trained generations of chefs, pastry chefs, bread bakers, caterers and restaurant managers. It offers a wide range of programmes leading to qualifications ranging from diplomas to master degrees.

IFT and Ferrandi agreed last year to exchange students pursing bachelor degrees.