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Grand Hyatt’s Timothy Bruce on getting ahead in hospitality

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In the hotel industry, a local mindset is just as crucial as a global vision. With more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry in Europe, Australia and Asia, veteran hotelier Timothy Bruce recently took the helm at the Grand Hyatt Macau as general manager. IFT talked to the newly appointed executive about the making of a successful international hotel brand, and about his career advice for getting ahead in the hospitality industry.

– You recently joined the Grand Hyatt Macau as general manager. What is your first impression of Macao’s tourism and hospitality industries?
It is excellent. Macao showcases a diversity of products, from casinos to great local restaurants. I like the feel of local culture mixed with world-class entertainment. Macao is easy to access and get about.

– You have been with the Hyatt chain for close to 2 decades. In your opinion, what are the main qualities that make the brand so successful internationally?
Hyatt is a strong brand and it is well-recognised. We focus on having passionate people engaged with our guests to deliver memorable experiences. Also, our teams are loyal to the brand.

– Before moving to Macao, you opened the Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay Resort and Spa in Mainland China. What are the main differences between managing a 5-star hotel in Macao and in Mainland China?
Thus far I have not noticed many differences. Our Grand Hyatt brand is consistent, regardless of location. Obviously, there are local customs and guidance to follow, and the team here is more international, as is our guest profile.

– One of the features of the Grand Hyatt Macau is that it is inside a casino resort. How does this make the property different from other units in the Hyatt group?
We do not have many Grand Hyatt hotels within a casino complex. It certainly adds another element and enhances the positioning of the hotel, offering our guests more entertainment, shopping and dining experiences.

Hospitality never stands still

– You started your hospitality career in food and beverage and made your way up to general manager. Can you talk a bit about your professional journey from its start until now?
I have been very fortunate to learn and grow by working in many diverse cultures – starting in my native England, working in Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Japan, India, Mainland China and now Macao. I believe I have gained a lot of experience, both professionally and personally, from such opportunities. Each location presented unique opportunities for me to learn and to experience different lifestyles. I have been very fortunate.

“Education is important for any sector. Obviously, the better your qualifications, the more options you have. That said, in hospitality, passion and experience can take you a long way”

– What are the career opportunities in hospitality available to IFT fresh graduates?
Hospitality is growing and expanding into more and more locations and markets. It never stands still and offers very diverse career opportunities.

– What is your career advice for IFT fresh graduates seeking to enter the hospitality industry in Macao?
Select a brand you admire and want to associate with. Think about what you want to achieve and where you see yourself in 3 to 5 years’ time. Can your selected employer assist you to achieve those goals?

– In your opinion, what is the importance of quality education and training for Macao’s tourism and hospitality sector?
I believe education is important for any sector. Obviously, the better your qualifications, the more options you have. That said, in hospitality, passion and experience can take you a long way. If you truly enjoy what you are doing, and engage with the brand you’re working for and the people you’re working with, you will do well.

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