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Hands-on project ‘takes’ Year 3 IFTM Tourism Event Management students around the world

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The Year 3 students in the English-language stream of IFTM’s Tourism Event Management Bachelor’s Degree Programme successfully held in April the “CU Travel” event, part of the classwork for the course Event Management: Hosting an Event. The purpose of the initiative was to let the public experience various cultures through interactive activities and games, as well as to encourage participants to deepen their knowledge of different parts of the world.

The net profit from the event was donated to the charity Oxfam, to support its work in Macao, especially work involving people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CU Travel included 2 side events and a main event. The first side event was “Fortune Teller”: its main purpose was to raise funds for hosting the main event, through the sale of packages of snacks.

The second side event, “Sweetness Booth”, also aimed to raise funds for the main event, this time through the sale of desserts.

The CU Travel main event was held over the course of 4 days. It offered participants a ‘travel experience’ via interactive and educational activities, allowing attendees to enjoy, and learn about, the culture of different places around the globe.

After deducting all expenses related to the organisation of CU Travel, profit stood at MOP13,000. The proceedings were donated to Oxfam on 7 May.

CU Travel resonated strongly with attendees and allowed participants to learn about other cultures, promoting the fun of travelling. CU Travel’s Instagram account featured a total of 77 posts, with the aggregate count of comments and likes hitting 1,061.

Contributing to CU Travel’s success were the assistance and hard work of all event partners. They included IFTM and the event’s sponsors, particularly title sponsor Joey Thai Food, as well as Bear In White Hut, Macau & Korea Interaction Association, HSIAO DESSERT, Macau Dreamcake, Whynothotdog, Maple.d.erable, ZHI ZUO CHA, Half Lemon, Rooftop Macau, Honey Miss Cake, and Hao Zhu Yi. Supporting entities included D.UNIVERSE, ARI, Spoilers, Sammi & Winnie, Macau No Coração, FIDA, Macau Strings Association, and A.N.S.

Dr. Ubaldino Couto heads the course Event Management: Hosting an Event. It is one of IFTM’s signature courses, requiring students to conceptualise, plan, implement, manage, operate, and evaluate a live public event. The course runs during each semester and the themes of the events hosted are diverse, with students typically working with not-for-profit organisations and a range of businesses which share and uphold similar values.

Click here to learn more about IFTM’s Tourism Event Management Bachelor’s Degree Programme and to view a portfolio of previously-held events organised by students. Entities or individuals interested in collaborating with the Event Management: Hosting an Event course, can contact Dr. Couto ( for an informal discussion.

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