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IFT alumni shed light for current students regarding entrepreneurship

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

IFT has been implementing several strategies to generate among its undergraduates enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Several courses run by the Institute are designed to stimulate them to think afresh and develop innovative projects with business potential.

The Institute’s focus on entrepreneurship aims to contribute toward Macao’s goal of achieving economic diversification. It complements the Macao SAR Government’s efforts regarding active promotion of youth entrepreneurship.

As part of IFT’s endeavours in this field, the IFT Alumni Association and the Student Union hosted a total of 2 alumni sharing sessions last year. The sessions – in April and November respectively – dealt with innovation and entrepreneurship, and business opportunities in the Greater Bay Area. An aggregate of more than 60 IFT students took part in the events.

A total of 4 IFT alumni, people respectively running their own businesses, were invited as speakers for the talks, to share the ups and downs of their respective entrepreneurial journey. They included: Ms. Camey Cheong Sut Teng, Managing Director of event management firm Gravity Production and Project Director of Shenzhen Aura Cultural Communication Limited; Ms. Subraina Sun Liyi, owner of ice-cream business Tons of Frozen Treats; Mr. Frick Ho Weng Kin, a self-employed investor who owns business and investment projects in Mainland China and the Philippines; and Mr. Kelvin U Ka Kit, Co-founder of Redirect Limited, a Macao-based business offering innovative tourism products.

During the sessions, the alumni shared with the participating IFT students their experiences and insights concerning starting and building a business. Among other advice, the speakers noted the importance of choosing the right business partner, and doing some market research before launching a business venture.

IFT regularly arranges for alumni to meet students studying at the Institute. The aim is to keep students updated on market trends in the tourism and hospitality industries, putting them in a better position to plan their future career path in this field.

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