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IFT education good preparation for master’s degree studies: IFT alumna Krystal Xia

IFT alumna Krystal Xia during her time at the University of Surrey, in the United Kingdom

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

More and more IFT graduates are choosing to further their studies abroad upon graduation from the Institute. In recent years, a considerable proportion of alumni have gone on to study at respected universities around the world. That is the case of Ms. Krystal Xia, who received in 2017 a master’s degree in international tourism marketing from the University of Surrey, in the United Kingdom.

Ms. Xia graduated from IFT in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Business Management. Shortly after that, she flew to Europe for her master’s degree studies. She has now returned to Macao, to work in the local hospitality industry.

Her experience of studying for a bachelor’s degree at IFT gave her a head start on her master’s degree programme peers, reports Ms. Xia.

“During my master’s degree studies, I found my 4 years of study at IFT really useful for me, because I learned a lot, and not just about academic theory,” she says. “At IFT, we had to do many projects, and write many essays. This was very good training for me, giving me a good preparation for my master’s degree courses.”

Ms. Xia adds that the experience of having to produce a thesis as part of the graduation requirements at IFT, also helped her in the development of her master’s degree dissertation. “I felt more confident than other people. I was already familiar with such type of structure and academic language,” she explains.

Ms. Xia says her master’s degree programme classmates recognised the quality of her IFT education. “They commented that I had received very good training during my bachelor’s degree studies.” That, she says, made her more confident in her ability to complete the master’s degree programme.

Ms. Xia says the curriculum at IFT builds a strong foundation of knowledge for furthering academic studies. “I feel grateful to the Institute and all the scholars there that taught me. It was a very good experience, and also very practical.”

Looking back at her time at IFT, Ms. Xia says she learned a lot from the group projects she was required to complete. “The 4 years of training at IFT were very valuable for me, allowing me to become a stronger individual in terms of learning skills and of my attitude towards the industry.”

Ms. Xia, a native of Guangdong Province, admits she had some initial reluctance about studying for a bachelor’s degree outside of mainland China; she chose Macao on the advice of her parents, and in order to stay close to home. She adds the choice proved to be a great experience; but she advises fellow IFT graduates to persist in acquiring knowledge post-degree, in order to broaden their vision of the world.