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IFT first institution successfully to undergo UK’s Int’l Quality Review

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IFT became in March the world’s first higher education institution to receive a successful International Quality Review (IQR) from the United Kingdom’s Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), following a review process carried out in December 2016.

Request for review is open to institutions based outside the United Kingdom.

A team of QAA reviewers visited IFT and judged that the Institute’s overall quality assurance policy – its academic and administrative standards; the design and review of its programmes; the quality of student learning, of teaching and of assessment; and the extensive range of support available for students and staff, among many other criteria – all met QAA’s standards.

QAA identified 4 best-practice areas at IFT: 3 of the best-practice areas were related to student-centred learning, teaching and assessment, while the fourth area of best practice was identified as relating to student admission, progression, recognition and certification. In particular, the inclusion of students and industry partners as panel members when interviewing prospective students emphasised the effective relationship IFT has with its students and industry partners, the QAA reviewers stated.

The review report noted that IFT’s procedures for the design and review of programmes involved “an impressive range of stakeholders,” making it a sound process that meets international standards.

Given the industry-focused approach of much of IFT’s education provision, the review team said that the institution’s way of arranging and managing internships was “particularly effective”. This was underpinned by “a very coherent and interactive relationship” with industry partners, suggested the QAA report.

The IQR system is designed to analyse and reflect upon each reviewed institution’s approach to quality assurance; and to test and benchmark its existing processes against international quality assurance standards. The review also helps to drive improvement and foster excellence regarding each participating institution’s approach to quality assurance.

Each QAA review is carried out by experts from universities or colleges without connection to the reviewed institution. Every review team includes a student reviewer, as QAA suggests that students should be partners in the process of quality assurance regarding their own education.

The official report on IFT has been made public and is accessible via the QAA website.