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IFT President in online chat with Macao undergraduates

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

IFT President Dr. Fanny Vong and students in higher education in Macao took part in an online discussion on 24 August about the part played by tourism education in the development of Macao.

The Tertiary Education Services Office invited Dr. Vong to contribute to the discussion, entitled “Opportunities and Challenges of the Global Centre for Tourism Education and Training to Macao’s Tourism Development”, by sharing her insights with the students. The 90-minute discussion took place in the chat room of the Student Blog website, which the Tertiary Education Services Office manages.

Dr. Vong answered questions from students on topics such as internships, postgraduate studies, training and the demand for skilled manpower in Macao. The record of the discussion can be seen on the Student Blog website by clicking on the “Online Chat Series”.

President’s Corner

A special place

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