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IFT strengthens bonds with local secondary schools

IFT hosted in September a dinner for representatives of local secondary schools

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IFT is taking a hands-on approach toward Macao secondary schools as it strives to build further the Institute’s enrolment of local talent. Several IFT initiatives are in place to give local secondary school students a taste of life and studies at IFT. They are all aimed at attracting an even bigger number of outstanding local students to enrol on an IFT bachelor degree programme.

Initiatives include organising campus tours for Macao high school students, hosting an “IFT Open Day” and IFT representatives paying regular visits to high schools to give talks on the admission process. The Institute also offers a number of scholarships specifically for Macao students with outstanding academic performance that choose to enrol on an IFT programme.

As part of its effort to strengthen bonds with local schools, IFT hosted in September a dinner for representatives of local secondary schools. The event was attended by 28 people, on behalf of 22 schools. It was preceded by a briefing giving updates on the Institute’s work and role.

IFT has had in place, for a number of years, a school principal referral scheme. It allows principals from participating schools to refer around 5 graduates per class each, for application to IFT each year. Nominees move straight to the group interview stage, and are exempted from any admission written examination.

Mr. Antonio Chu, Head of the Technical and Academic Support Division of IFT, says the referral scheme is part of the Institute’s commitment to foster local talent for tourism and hospitality.

He highlights the quality of students referred to IFT by local secondary school principals. “We are very happy with the performance of the students referred,” he says, adding that the large majority of them have been able successfully to pass the group interview stage of the IFT admission process.

Satisfied partners

Representatives of local secondary schools express satisfaction with the ongoing partnership with the Institute. “IFT has long been a place to foster tourism and hospitality talent,” says education sector veteran Samuel Vu from Colégio Diocesano de São José. “Our graduates show a great interest in furthering their studies at IFT.”

Colégio Diocesano de São José is one of the institutions taking part in IFT’s school principal referral scheme. Mr. Vu says the criteria used in selecting students for referral goes beyond outstanding academic results: it includes communication and social skills.

“Students who are fun-loving and playful can better adapt to the tourism industry as they are curious and open to learning new things,” he explains.

IFT’s push to attract a greater amount of local talent to its bachelor degree programmes comes as local young people are being presented with fresh opportunities to do undergraduate study outside Macao.

“Today’s local students are given more choices when choosing where to study. Not only is Mainland China vying for Macao students but Hong Kong as well,” Mr. Vu says.

Mr. Rex Leong, vice-principal at the Chan Sui Ki Perpetual Help College, concurs that more Macao students are considering furthering their studies in Mainland China. But he says IFT remains one of the top choices for graduates from his own school in terms of higher education studies.

“IFT has long been a place to foster tourism and hospitality talent, where students are guaranteed quality education and bright career prospects,” he says.

President’s Corner

A special place

IFTM’s unique positioning means students have access to a deep pool of exclusive opportunities, including exchange and internship programmes outside Macao, allowing them to be exposed to new ideas, and to broaden their horizons. Read More