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IFT students learn more about Harbin via winter exchange scheme

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

A group of 23 IFT students, accompanied by a lecturer, took part during December in a winter exchange programme to Harbin, in Mainland China’s Heilongjiang Province.

The event was part of the “Ten Thousand People’s Scheme” of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. The scheme is designed to teach Macao and Hong Kong students more about Mainland China. The exchange was organised by the Harbin Institute of Technology and took place between 25 and 31 December.

About 150 students from higher education institutions from Macao and Hong Kong took part in the initiative. It aimed to give participants opportunities to learn more about the culture, history and latest technological developments of Harbin. Another goal was to foster friendly ties between students from the various places.

Participants visited several museums – including the museum of the Harbin Institute of Technology – featuring exhibits of historical significance. The museum tours helped students better understand the adverse effects on Northeast China and its people from the Japanese occupation of 1931-1945, and the role Chinese people played in resisting that occupation.

Students additionally learned about the role of the Harbin Institute of Technology in promoting the development of China. The Institute counts a number of high-profile Chinese government and business leaders among its alumni. The tour of the institution’s museum allowed students also to gain insight into a number of national projects in which the Institute has played a pivotal role.

The exchange programme featured visits to famous landmarks in Harbin, including the city’s Central Street in the old downtown district, the Saint Sophia Cathedral and the Songhua River. In addition, IFT students were able to sample Russian-style cuisine and to understand more fully the historical ties between China and Heilongjiang’s near-neighbour Russia.

Students also toured the Harbin Beer Museum, and learned how beer is produced.

Other highlights included visits to Sun Island and Harbin Ice and Snow World, which feature large-scale sculptures – fashioned in snow and ice – of buildings and monuments. A trip to the Harbin Siberian Tiger Park gave students a chance to learn more about that endangered animal.

The overall exchange programme helped broaden the horizons of the IFT students and strengthened their understanding of Harbin’s culture and history, and the role of the Harbin Institute of Technology in promoting technological development in China. The exchange also allowed students to establish ties with members of the Harbin Institute of Technology and other higher education institutions.