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IFT students spend time at Harbin summer camp

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

A group of 17 IFT students took part in a summer camp in July in the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin. The Northeast Forestry University in Harbin organised the camp for 35 students attending either IFT or each of 3 institutions of higher education in Hong Kong.

The camp was part of the “Ten Thousand People’s Scheme” arranged by the Central People’s Government Ministry of Education to show Macao and Hong Kong students more about Mainland China. The camp lasted from 10 to 19 July.

The 10-day programme gave opportunities for the participants to learn about the history of Harbin, its culture and its natural environment. The camp was also meant to forge links of friendship between the visiting students and their counterparts at the Northeast Forestry University.

The participants visited the university’s main campus and its 2 forestry training bases. The students attended seminars on the fauna and flora in Harbin, and were taught how to collect and preserve plant specimens. They also made excursions to see places of historical or natural interest while in Mainland China.

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