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IFT students take cultural tour of Yunnan

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

A party of 19 IFT students visited the province of Yunnan in June. Their tour was meant to increase exchanges between students of the Institute and Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE), and to let the visitors learn more about Yunnan.

The tour lasted from 13 to 19 June. It was a manifestation of the “Ten Thousand People’s Scheme” of the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Education to teach Macao and Hong Kong students more about Mainland China.

The students visited the YUFE campus, including its teaching bar and its teaching restaurant. Both training facilities are open to the public.

At a welcome dinner for the IFT group, students of the YUFE School of Tourism and Service Trade showed off their skill in juggling bottles and other bartender’s tricks taught as part of the curriculum of the bartending course at the university.

The tour of Yunnan allowed the IFT students to learn more about some of the main attractions of the province: its rock formations, its tea and its flowers. YUFE arranged a trip for the visitors to Shilin, otherwise known as the Stone Forest, which is noted for its impressive limestone formations. YUFE also gave the IFT students classes in tea culture and in floral arrangement.

The IFT party attended a lecture on the 26 ethnic groups in Yunnan and visited the Yunnan Nationalities Village, a park where displays and performances are put on which illustrate the culture and way of life of the ethnic groups in the province. The students also tasted food typical of the Yi people in a Yi village, and food typical of the Dai people at a Dai restaurant.

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