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IFT to launch student exchange programme with FERRANDI Paris

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IFT is partnering with FERRANDI Paris – The French School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management to launch an exchange programme for bachelor degree students. The scheme is to start next year.

In any academic year, each institution will make available approximately 2 study places for students of the partner institution. The actual number of students to be exchanged will be confirmed and decided annually.

FERRANDI Paris is one of the top culinary schools in France. It was established in 1920, and has trained generations of chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, caterers and restaurant managers. It offers a wide range of programmes, from vocational diplomas to master’s degrees.

IFT and FERRANDI Paris are already long-term partners. Chefs and lecturers from this French educational institution regularly visit Macao to lead short-term training programmes at IFT, focused on techniques and recipes used in classic French cuisine.

IFT students will be able to apply for a study exchange place on any one of the following Ferrandi programmes: the Bachelor in F&B and Hospitality Management; and the Bachelor in Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship.

Under the exchange programme, students will be exempt from paying any tuition fees to the host institution.

Faculty members from the 2 institutions are also encouraged to seek teaching and research exchange opportunities.

IFT has more than 100 partners in either the educational sector or other fields in an aggregate of about 30 countries and regions. The Institute also has partnerships with a range of leading companies in the tourism and hospitality industries at home and abroad.

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