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IFT Volunteer Circle visits Thailand to assist children and for cultural exchange

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

Members of the IFT Volunteer Circle travelled to Thailand’s Yasothon Province to do voluntary work at a local school, and to experience cultural exchange.

The volunteering activities took place at the Santitham Witthayakhom School from 20 to 30 December, during the IFT winter break. The IFT students focused on enhancing the English-language proficiency of kindergarten and primary students via songs, arts and games. The volunteers also painted school buildings and classroom desks, in order to improve the school environment for Santitham students.

The IFT students additionally had a chance to foster cultural exchanges between China and Thailand through a homestay initiative and social exchanges with teachers. The visitors and the locals went together on several excursions that showcased respectively places of natural beauty, temples and an organic farm.

The IFT students also took part in local cultural activities, including a festive annual parade involving the Santitham school’s students.

All members of the volunteer team were moved by the happiness shown by the local children and the kindness of the teachers and staff at Santitham. On one occasion, a member of the IFT team had a bleeding toe – it was immediately cleaned and dressed with a bandage by a pair of 10 year-old students!

The IFT Volunteer Circle is a student club dedicated to the betterment of society, particularly Macao’s younger population. Students formed the IFT Volunteer Circle in September 2013 with the help of IFT Lecturer Mr. Stephen Sayers. He was among those taking part in the Thailand volunteering activities and cultural exchange.

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