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IFTM Educational Restaurant remains Macao’s sole venue awarded Michelin Green Star

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The IFTM Educational Restaurant has been awarded – for a second consecutive year – a Michelin Green Star for commitment to sustainable gastronomy. The restaurant remains Macao’s only establishment to boast such an accolade.

The recognition is featured in the Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2022 fine-dining handbook, released earlier this month.

The IFTM Educational Restaurant also retained its Bib Gourmand status for the 2022 edition. The Michelin Guide awards Bib Gourmand status to dining establishments that provide a high-quality 3-course meal for MOP400 or below.

According to Michelin, the IFTM Educational Restaurant was again recognised with a Green Star, for “delivering culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments”.

Michelin introduced the Green Star category to its Hong Kong and Macao regional guide in 2021. The IFTM Educational Restaurant was immediately awarded the accolade.

“After we got the Michelin Green Star last year, we had a few costumers that asked about it, and many people congratulated us for our effort to promote sustainable cuisine,” says Chef Hans Rasmussen. He heads the IFTM Educational Restaurant.

“The importance of the Green Star is the awareness it creates about IFTM’s endeavours regarding sustainable gastronomy,” adds Chef Rasmussen. “This achievement is not by the restaurant alone: it would not have been possible without the help of the IFTM Environmental Management System Committee, which has proposed and supported the implementation of many of the green measures, infrastructure projects and other initiatives we are adopting in this field.”

After getting the Michelin Green Star in early 2021, the teams at the IFTM Restaurant and the Environmental Management System Committee continued to push fresh ‘green’ initiatives. Last summer, the Institute introduced a growing plot with aquaponic system, to widen the type of herbs and vegetables it produces in-house for use at the restaurant. The plot complemented an existing rooftop garden were vegetables and herbs are grown.

Aquaponic systems couple aquaculture (i.e., the harvesting of aquatic animals) with hydroponics (i.e., the cultivating of plants in water). In aquaponic systems, the nutrient-rich aquaculture water is reused to feed the hydroponically-grown plants.

Also in 2021, the IFTM Educational Restaurant brought into its kitchen technology of the leading food waste management system Winnow. It uses artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and maximise use of all ingredients.

Bib Gourmand status renewed

The IFTM Educational Restaurant has been featured in the Bib Gourmand category of the Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau every year since 2013. In Macao, only 7 establishments were awarded Bib Gourmand status in 2022.

Chef Rasmussen says the IFTM Educational Restaurant provides consistent “good value” to customers: that has been recognised by inspectors of the Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau in edition after edition.

“We have a solid team consisting of students, service staff and chefs, that is dedicated to being part of the restaurant’s development journey, creating a good customer experience,” he points out.

The IFTM Educational Restaurant is located on the Mong-Há Campus, and provides a selection of Macanese and Western dishes. Students, coached and supervised by staff members from the restaurant, can acquire valuable experience of serving customers in a real-operation environment. Such experience widens student understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry, which ultimately helps them to sharpen the management skills taught in the classroom, and prepares them to take on managerial positions in future.