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IFTM leads Macao in sustainable use of graduation gowns

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

The graduation ceremony is a highlight in the academic life of any student in higher education. The elation associated with donning a graduation gown is a special feeling familiar to alumni of institutions across the world, including graduates of IFTM.

The Institute is taking a significant step in order to make its own graduation ceremonies more environmentally-friendly. From academic year 2020/2021, all IFTM programmes – at either diploma, bachelor degree or postgraduate level – will employ the same basic form of graduation gown. Only the hood and tassel of the gown will vary, depending on the respective programme completed by the student.

This means, for example, that IFTM bachelor degree graduates can reuse their gown for a postgraduate award ceremony if they enrol for further studies. They will only need to replace the hood and tassel.

IFTM is the first higher education institution in Macao introducing such a ‘green’ system for its graduation gowns. The Institute’s management says it hopes the move will promote sustainable practices in society locally, and be an added benefit for IFTM graduates wishing to further their studies through the Institute.

IFT launched its first group of postgraduate programmes in academic year 2019/2020. The new programmes – at postgraduate diploma, master’s degree and PhD level – help strengthen the Institute’s role as a regional and international hub for tourism and hospitality education.

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