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IFTM research highlighted at international conference on events

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IFTM was one of the co-organisers of the 5th International Conference on Events (ICE2021) held in November in the South African city of Cape Town. Research by IFTM academics featured prominently, with 17 presentations made of their work, including papers involving undergraduates and postgraduates at the Institute.

The conference followed a theme entitled “Making Waves in Africa: Exploring New Frontiers in Festivals and Events”. It was held at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Besides IFTM, the co-organisers included Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom and the University of Central Florida Rosen College of Hospitality Management in the United States of America.

Travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant the conference was a hybrid event: the more than 130 delegates enrolled in it could attend either online or physically. Besides Mainland China and Macao, they represented Australia, Austria, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, South Africa, Turkey and the United States.

IFTM President Dr. Fanny Vong Chuk Kwan sent a congratulatory message to the conference, highlighting its relevance. “Although met with many challenges and numerous setbacks, the events sector is one of the fastest-growing and increasingly important industries worldwide,” Dr. Vong said.

IFTM was one of the co-founders of the ICE series. Bournemouth University held the first ICE in 2013. The Institute held the third edition in 2015.

At the latest conference, IFTM Prof. Leonardo Dioko, who heads the IFTM Tourism Research Centre, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Spontaneous Events and Event Spontaneity”. The audience listened with keen interest, and the speech generated a lively discussion.

The ICE2021 scientific committee was chaired by IFTM academic Dr. Ubaldino Couto. He is one of the key organisers of ICE events.

“Hybrid conferences are extremely challenging to put together, but at the same time open new doors to many around the world previously unable to attend events due to work commitments and travel costs,” Dr. Couto said. “Putting together the conference programme itself was an extremely challenging task, as we had to arrange sessions over 3 days involving presenting authors across 20 time zones”.

Several other IFTM academics were on the scientific committee. Some were moderators of conference sessions.

The next ICE will be held in the United States in September 2023 by the Metropolitan State University of Denver School of Hospitality.

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