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IFTM sees record number of enrolled higher education students

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The number of students enrolled in higher education at IFTM reached an all-time high in academic year 2019/20, according to the Institute. The total stood at more than 1,700 for the first time ever, as IFTM accepted its first batch of postgraduate students.

An aggregate of 1,664 students was enrolled on bachelor degree programmes provided by the Institute in academic year 2019/20, an increase of 2 percent on the prior year, and a new record. The figure included students enrolled on either a daytime or an evening programme.

It was the fourth consecutive year that IFTM recorded an expansion in the number of undergraduate students. The Institute now has 9 percent more undergraduates than 5 years ago.

The increase in student numbers comes as IFTM is further cementing its position as a leading global provider of education in hospitality and leisure management.

Earlier this year, the Institute achieved its highest-ever position in the authoritative “QS World University Rankings by Subject”. IFTM was 14th worldwide, second in Asia and first in Macao, among higher education institutions in hospitality and leisure management.

IFTM welcomed in academic year 2019/20 its first batch of postgraduates, with an aggregate of 45 students enrolled on such programmes.

The Institute began offering programmes leading to master’s degrees in, respectively, International Hospitality Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and International Food and Beverage Management. An aggregate of 39 students enrolled for the programmes.

IFTM also introduced a programme leading to a Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality and Tourism Management. A total of 3 students joined it.

The Institute additionally started a programme leading to a PhD in Hospitality and Tourism Management. It eventually admitted a total of 3 students.

IFTM has the largest choice in Macao of higher education programmes in tourism and hospitality. The Institute has a team of scholars drawn from all over the world, and benefits from a global network of partners.

Students have access to specialised training facilities including IFTM’s Educational Restaurant and its Educational Hotel. The Institute also has mock-ups respectively of a hotel front desk and of a hotel room to train students in housekeeping. IFTM additionally has several Chinese and Western kitchens that are often used for demonstrations, a heritage-documentation laboratory, and the latest classroom technology.

The unique educational experience offered by IFTM includes off-campus activities designed to broaden the horizons of undergraduates. Examples include field trips and tours giving students insights into the latest trends in tourism and hospitality.

IFTM is known throughout Macao – and elsewhere – for its innovative approach to teaching, in terms of integrating theory and practice. Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through special projects such as arranging charity events and providing business consultancy services to Macao enterprises.

It is mandatory for Year 3 IFTM undergraduates to complete either a 6-month or 800-hour internship. All students taking daytime programmes leading to a Bachelor of Science degree must produce a thesis before they are permitted to graduate.

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A special place

IFTM’s unique positioning means students have access to a deep pool of exclusive opportunities, including exchange and internship programmes outside Macao, allowing them to be exposed to new ideas, and to broaden their horizons. Read More