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IFTM switches domain name to iftm.edu.mo

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

IFTM is introducing a new domain name, iftm.edu.mo, for its institutional website and e-mail addresses. The new domain name replaces ift.edu.mo.

The change brings the domain name into line with last year’s modifications to the Institute’s Charter, which added a reference to Macao. The Charter changes the name of the Institute in English to the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies as of academic year 2019/20, and the name in Portuguese to Instituto de Formação Turística de Macau, abbreviated to the initials IFTM.

The new domain name is expected to help market IFTM, improving brand recognition among key audiences in Macao and elsewhere.

While the online home of IFTM is now www.iftm.edu.mo, the old address will work for a transition period.

Students, teachers and other staff are already able to use their new-style e-mail addresses, ending with @iftm.edu.mo. E-mail sent to old-style addresses will be forwarded automatically to new-style addresses until the end of 2021.

E-mail account holders are urged to begin using their new-style addresses, including in printed materials and electronic mailing lists.

President’s Corner

A special chapter

IFT once again welcomes the start of a new academic year. Academic year 2019/20 is exceptional in many respects – not only because we are preparing to celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2020. Read More