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IFTM welcomes new intake of postgraduate students

IFTM hosted on 6 September a welcoming programme for its new postgraduate students

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

IFTM has welcomed this September a new batch of 42 students enrolled in either postgraduate diploma or master’s degree programmes. Several students indicate that one of the reasons they selected the Institute was because of its reputation as a leader in tourism and hospitality education.

The new cohort come to IFTM from a variety of backgrounds. Students include seasoned professionals as well as fresh graduates, hailing from either Macao, Hong Kong or the Mainland.

Having graduated from IFTM a decade ago, it was a desire for personal and professional growth that inspired Ms. Florence Lou Weng I to pursue a Master’s Degree in International Hospitality Management at the Institute. The Macao local says this is the right time to further her studies, after accumulating reasonable experience working in the hotel sector.

While experience is highly valued in hospitality, knowledge and academic qualifications are also important, states Ms. Lou. “Taking the International Hospitality Management programme opens new opportunities to me,” she says, including ones abroad, as “IFTM’s programmes are recognised worldwide”.

The Institute’s international reputation led Mainland student Ms. Phoebe Li Xiaojuan to apply to IFTM for postgraduate study. She is now enrolled on the International Tourism Management Master’s Degree Programme, having previously completed a bachelor’s degree in tourism studies at Sun Yat-sen University, in Guangdong Province.

Alongside IFTM’s high position in several global academic rankings, Ms. Li was also attracted to the Institute for its approach to education. “I wanted to experience a different study environment, one outside the Mainland,” she states.

Ms. Li is impressed by what she found at IFTM. “There are some differences between the teaching methods here and what I had experienced before. Courses are taught by modules, which makes students study in a more intensive way: we can really focus on a subject for weeks, and have a more immersive learning experience,” she says.

A key challenge for Mainland students coming to Macao is adapting to life in the city. Ms. Li highlights the support she has received from IFTM. “Teaching and administrative staff are always ready to help me solve all sorts of problems. I am really thankful for that.”

Discovery journey

IFTM hosted on 6 September a welcoming programme for its new postgraduate students. It took place at the Taipa Campus. The event included distribution of welcoming kits and a campus tour.

IFTM President Dr. Fanny Vong Chuk Kwan said in a speech during the event that joining a postgraduate programme at the Institute was “not only a journey of learning, but also a journey of discovery.” Dr. Vong stated she hoped new students could deepen their research interests via postgraduate study, contributing to their career development and to advancing knowledge in a range of fields.

Ms. Irene Wan Wing Yan, enrolled on IFTM’s Hospitality and Tourism Management Master’s Degree Programme, is excited to be furthering her studies at the Institute. She praises its links to the industry, and expects these can contribute to her education. “I hope there will be opportunities for me to accumulate practical experience,” she says.

Ms. Wan recently completed a bachelor’s degree programme on convention and event management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The Hongkonger points out postgraduate classes at IFTM differ from her undergraduate study, requiring significant critical thinking from students.

“We need to pay full attention to what is said in class, take notes and discuss with others the content of case studies,” she says.

Fellow programme student Ms. Abrio Wong Hio Ieng echoes Ms Li’s opinion, saying “there is a lot of class discussion and case study analysis” at postgraduate programmes at IFTM.

The graduate from the University of Macau states that students “are always actively participating” in discussions. “This made me realise that I needed to take the initiative as well,” says Ms. Wong.