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IFT’s new graduates able easily to find well-paid jobs: survey

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Studying at IFT pays off. The Institute’s latest online graduate employment survey shows most bachelor and diploma programme students graduating in academic year 2015/16 were enjoying attractive salaries within 6 months of leaving.

The survey’s data indicate that more than half of the 2015/16 bachelor degree graduates that responded to the survey – and that had full-time employment – were already earning monthly salaries of more than MOP14,900. The median monthly salary of IFT diploma graduates in full-time jobs was MOP17,500.

Among Macao workers generally, the fourth quarter 2016 median monthly salary stood at MOP15,000.

IFT’s online survey was conducted in December 2016 and covered those students graduating in June 2016. The overall survey response rate among 2015/16 bachelor degree graduates stood at 74.9 percent. For diploma graduates, it was 55.6 percent.

According to the results, 80.8 percent of the responding bachelor degree graduates had already got a job by the time of the survey, with 75 percent of that cohort finding work in the tourism and hospitality sector (see figure 1). Around 8.6 percent of the respondents were studying for a master’s degree or on a similar programme.

The results additionally show that 90.0 percent of the responding 2015/16 diploma graduates had already got a job. Around 38.9 percent of the respondents worked in the tourism and hospitality sector, while 22.2 percent were employed in the service industry (see figure 2).

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