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Macau Hotel Association aims to boost cooperation with IFT

Macau Hotel Association Vice-Chairman Ben Leong (centre) and the first 2 IFT students awarded MHA Scholarships

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The Macau Hotel Association (MHA) is looking into how it can increase its cooperation with IFT. Association Vice-Chairman Mr. Ben Leong says the purpose is to contribute to nurturing high-quality talent for the tourism industry in Macao.

The MHA began this academic year offering scholarships to IFT Year 1 students studying for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management. The MHA Scholarships are meant to encourage outstanding pupils to continue their education at IFT after they leave high school. Each academic year, the MHA will award up to 3 scholarships equivalent in value to half the annual tuition fee at IFT. Only students that are Macao residents are eligible.

“The MHA has been collaborating with IFT for a long time,” Mr. Leong says. “The Institute also provides us with a lot of support, such as organising training for senior management of our member-hotels. As a result, the MHA decided to use part of its financial resources to support outstanding students who are interested in building a career in the hotel industry.”

The MHA was established in 1985. It has a membership of about 50 Macao-based hotels, rated from 3 to 5 stars, including several located in large-scale integrated resorts, according to its website.

The MHA is now considering other ways to cooperate with IFT. “Our Personnel and Training Committee is studying the matter to see what more we can do,” Mr. Leong says. “For example, our member-hotels organise a lot of events and activities each year. We can use those opportunities, and invite students to observe the preparation of the events from start to finish.”

Mr. Leong has high praise for graduates of IFT, saying they conduct themselves professionally and are well trained.

All students of the Institute pursuing a bachelor’s degree are required to do a semester-long internship in Year 3. Many opt for placements in Macao hotels. “Each time, when IFT students come to our member-hotels to do an internship, the assessment results are usually very positive,” Mr. Leong says. “They are very professional and are eager to learn.”

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