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Macau Hotel Association extends support to IFTM’s scholarship programme

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The Macau Hotel Association (MHA) is renewing its support to the scholarship programme of IFTM. It will continue to finance scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Institute, according to a new agreement between both parties.

The renewal of the scholarship deal was made official on July 9 on the main stage of the 9thMacao International Travel (Industry) Expo (MITE), signifying the continuation of the partnership between the MHA and IFTM.

The agreement was signed by IFTM President Dr. Fanny Vong Chuk Kwan and by the President of the Board of Directors of the MHA, Mr. Rutger Verschuren. The event was witnessed by IFTM Council Chair Mr. Chan Chak Mo and by Mr. Willie Tay, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the MHA.

The MHA began offering scholarships to IFTM undergraduate students about 5 years ago. The association extended the coverage of its scholarship scheme to include outstanding students enrolled in postgraduate studies at IFTM, once the Institute began offering programmes at this level of education, in academic year 2019/2020.

So far, a total of 14 IFTM students has benefited from support from the MHA, with up to 4 scholarships offered each year.

The MHA is a long-time partner of IFTM. A number of member-hotels of the association provide internship placements for students from the Institute. All IFTM undergraduates are required to complete a semester-long internship in Year 3.

The MHA was established in 1985. It has a membership of about 50 Macao-based hotels, in categories ranging from 3-star to 5-star, including several located in large-scale integrated resorts.

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