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New board of alumni association sworn in

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

The newly elected members of the board of the IFT Alumni Association were sworn in for a 2-year term on 29 September.

At the swearing-in ceremony, incoming IFT Alumni Association President Mr. Armando Amante expressed his appreciation of the service given by the members of the outgoing board. Mr. Amante said the new board members wished to put on a variety of events to bring alumni together.

The IFT academics, students and guests present at the ceremony included IFT President Dr. Fanny Vong. Dr. Vong said the association served as a bridge connecting IFT and its alumni. She said she had high expectations of the incoming board members, and for their efforts to rally alumni for the purpose of engaging with community.

The IFT Alumni Association was established in September 2002. The association aims to strengthen IFT alumni involvement in the community, boost the connection between the Institute and its alumni, and to support the development of IFT and the tourism and hospitality industries in Macao.