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New PhD students ready to start research journey at IFTM

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

IFTM recently added 5 PhD students to its expanding doctoral degree programme in Hospitality and Tourism Management. An event was held on 15 September to welcome them.

The newcomers say it was IFTM’s international reputation that led them to apply for the programme. Enrolment marks, they hope, the start of a journey of transformation, as they develop their knowledge, skills and confidence as independent researchers, with the support of the Institute’s faculty.

Ms. Jane Nie Xiangzhen teaches at Guilin Tourism University on the Mainland. She chose the Institute to pursue a PhD mainly because of IFTM’s approach to education and its use of English as the medium of instruction. IFTM’s high standing in international rankings of higher education institutions also contributed to her decision.

While at the Institute, Ms. Nie aspires to achieve several personal and academic goals. “I hope to make like-minded friends and improve my language capabilities, as well as have more work published in international academic journals.”

Her research while on the programme will encompass food and beverage management, gastronomy, and tourism. “My bachelor’s degree is in cooking and nutrition education, while my master’s degree is in nutrition and food hygiene,” says Ms. Nie.

Ms. Cici Zhang Hangjun is also on the doctoral degree programme. After completing a master’s degree linked to leisure at a university in Chinese Taiwan, Ms. Zhang – who like Ms. Nie is from the Mainland – decided to progress straight to a PhD. She will focus her research on the use of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies in museums.

“I am expecting to improve my English-language skills at IFTM, as well as to advance my understanding of research methods, as this is what we need the most in order to produce our PhD thesis,” she says.

Focus on research

IFTM’s doctoral degree programme requires PhD candidates to produce a piece of research that is meaningful and original. To receive a doctoral degree, each candidate is also required to have at least 2 papers related to their PhD research topic either published, or accepted for publication, in international academic journals.

The doctoral degree programme offered by IFTM is open to applicants year-round. The programme usually lasts 3 years.

New PhD student Ms. Zoe Tam Un Teng is well acquainted with the Institute and its requirements, as she is an IFTM alumna. The Macao local also holds a Master of Science in International Integrated Resort Management from the University of Macau.

Ms. Tam praises IFTM for the support it provides to PhD students. “We are offered a space to do our work, so that we can really focus on our research,” she says.

She plans during her doctoral studies to advance her knowledge of integrated resorts. Later this academic year, she is to start as part-time instructor at the Institute.

PhD student Mr. Chris Zhu Zhengan is enrolling with IFTM’s doctoral degree programme fresh from completing the Master of International Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme at City University of Macao. He says the Institute is the “best option” in Macao for a PhD in tourism.

Mr. Zhu will focus his doctoral research on the use of augmented reality as part of tourism experiences, a trend that has been accelerated by COVID-19 and by the international travel restrictions associated with measures to limit the further spread of the pandemic. In the context of COVID-19, “it is meaningful to discuss how to apply technology in tourism development,” he says.