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New student intake primed for big things at IFTM

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

IFTM is proud to welcome its latest batch of students. Beginning in September, some 422 new undergraduates will attend the Institute in academic year 2020/2021, taking daytime or evening programmes. There are another 28 postgraduates, the second batch to attend IFTM, starting their studies.

Among the new students taking bachelor’s degree programmes is Tam In Pan from Macao, who is taking the IFTM Tourism Business Management Bachelor’s Degree Programme. In Pan says he wanted to enrol for a programme in Macao that was related to tourism. “IFTM is the best choice,” he states.

In Pan is excited about the opportunities for exchanges and internships available at the Institute. “I hope I can take the chance to learn more through these schemes.”

Even though In Pan is just starting his undergraduate programme, he has plans to pursue a master’s degree. His ambition is to work in the tourism industry. He says setting his academic and vocational goals early on will help his career development.

Another Macao student, Lai U Hin, is enrolled for the IFTM Hotel Management Bachelor’s Degree Programme. “Among local universities, IFTM’s Hotel Management Programme was my only target,” he says. U Hin wants to be an entrepreneur and he appreciates the diversity of the content of the courses available at the Institute. “I believe this will be useful when I start my business,” he says.

U Hin is eager to make the most of the opportunities offered by IFTM to complete internships and go on exchanges, with a view to broadening his horizons. “They will be great chances for me to build my network, as IFTM has connections with many different educational institutes and organisations,” he says.

Multicultural batch

Due to restrictions on travel to Macao related to the COVID-19 pandemic, most foreign students have not made it to the city in time for the start of academic year 2020/2021. That is the case with Marta Jupiter Edu Nguema Afang, from the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, enrolled for the IFTM Tourism Business Management Bachelor’s Degree Programme.

“I would like to open a company in my country to provide tourism services in order for visitors to better understand our culture,” she says. “Tourism is not only about travelling. It’s more about getting to know a new culture and meeting different people.”

Marta is for now staying in Mainland China, where she was based before the COVID-19 pandemic began. For cases such as hers, IFTM plans to provide online academic support, until travel restrictions to Macao are eased.

Marta has high expectations regarding the educational opportunities relating to the multicultural environment at IFTM and throughout Macao. Her native language is Spanish and she is learning Chinese in the Mainland. When in Macao, Marta hopes to learn Portuguese and to perfect her English, since English is the language of instruction at IFTM.

Knowledge to master

The Institute began offering postgraduate programmes in academic year 2019/2020 that lead to a postgraduate diploma, master’s degree or a PhD.

In the second intake of IFTM postgraduate students is Ms. Wei Zhuoying, from the Mainland Chinese province of Guangdong. “I love Macao, and I am familiar with IFTM and its resources,” she says.

Ms. Wei is a recent graduate of the IFTM Tourism Event Management Bachelor’s Degree Programme. “The courses are diversified, the practicum classes are useful, the hands-on practice is valuable,” she says. “I am really grateful about the things I’ve already learned from the Institute.”

Ms. Wei is now taking the IFTM Hospitality and Tourism Management Master’s Degree Programme. “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finding a job is not that easy, which provides me a perfect chance to improve myself for the future,” she says. “I want to deepen the knowledge I gained from my bachelor’s degree studies.” Ms. Wei says another of her aims is to improve her communication skills.

President’s Corner

The challenge of uncertainty

A new academic year has just started at IFTM. It however differs in many ways from previous ones. We are all navigating our way through uncertain times. COVID-19 has changed substantially the way we live, and is affecting the way teaching and study is conducted at higher education institutions. Read More

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