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School of Continuing Education supports Arts Graded Examination of China scheme

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A new batch of secondary school students from Escola Luso-Chinesa Técnico-Profissional has just been awarded certificates under the Arts Graded Examination of China, either in sketching or in painting with watercolours. The relevant assessments were hosted by IFTM’s School of Continuing Education.

A total of 28 students sat the examinations during July. Afterwards, their work was submitted to the China Art Science Technology Research Institute for assessment. Each example was evaluated positively. The certificates, in the category either of Sketch (Grade 3) or Watercolour (Grade 6), were awarded in November.

This was the second time IFTM held assessment exams under the Arts Graded Examination of China. The first time was in November last year, for secondary school students taking the Graphic Design Programme offered jointly by IFTM and the Escola Luso-Chinesa Técnico-Profissional.

Involvement with the Arts Graded Examination of China is part of the Institute’s efforts to further strengthen its offering in the field of creative studies, contributing to the development of the arts in Macao.

The Arts Graded Examination of China system is promoted by the China Art Science Technology Research Institute, a body under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China. It was launched in 2004, and includes exams across a range of skills and skill grades. Examinations are divided in 3 major categories – Chinese-style painting, Chinese calligraphy, and Western-style painting – which are subdivided in an aggregate of 11 skills, with the possibility of sitting an exam at a variety of grades for each skill.

Since November 2019, the IFTM School of Continuing Education has been authorised to teach courses to prepare candidates to sit the Arts Graded Examination of China. The Institute is also registered as a place for sitting those exams.

The Arts Graded Examination of China system is recognised nationally, including among higher education institutions in the Mainland. The aim of the scheme is to help advance art education and mastery of artistic skills. It also contributes to setting national standards for art.

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