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Special student outreach sessions help build the ties that bind

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

About 1,300 IFTM students have taken part in special outreach sessions promoted by the Institute, focusing on health and wellness. The “IFTM Power-Up Station” series of gatherings between 24 August and 14 September offered students good cheer and inspiration at the beginning of the new academic year. The event was part of the programme to celebrate the 25th anniversary of IFTM.

The IFTM Pedagogic Affairs Department Student Affairs Division arranged the gatherings as a practical demonstration of the Institute’s respect for its community. “IFTM Power-Up Station” gave staff and students a chance to interact more informally, spreading positive energy and boosting morale in an example of striking the right balance between living and learning.

Pedagogic Affairs Department Registrar Ms. Louisa Lam Pou Iok, Student Affairs Division Head Mr. António Chu Chan Weng and Admission and Registration Division Acting Head Ms. Cassenna Chan Cheng Lei were in charge of the series. They presented information about staying healthy, handed out fruit and refreshing drinks, and promoted the benefits of a balanced diet and regular exercise. Students were encouraged to prepare for the academic year ahead, to assume the right attitude to learning and to stay positive.

The feedback from Year 1 students was they appreciated the effort to check in on their physical and mental health. Some senior students said it was inevitable they should feel anxious when returning to face-to-face learning in view of the disruption the pandemic has caused: they praised the “Power-Up Station” series of gatherings as a gesture of kindness by the IFTM team.

“Power-Up Station” conveyed the message that every student belongs to one, harmonious IFTM family. Looking ahead, the Institute will continue arranging activities that enrich life on campus and foster well-being among the student body.

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