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Student union for Chinese-medium programmes hosts ‘smart’ sport activity

中文版本 / Chinese version

IFTM’s Chinese Degree Programme Student Union organised on 7 May a special activity offering experience of how artificial intelligence is being used in the leisure and sports sector. The event also provided a window into the operation of fitness centres.

The student union partnered for the activity with Magic Sport Macau, a local fitness centre providing high-tech training programmes utilising artificial intelligence, and offering a fully immersive digital ecosystem, including interactive workout devices. The technology used by Magic Sport provides users with instant feedback on their performance, enabling them to customise their training plans according to their individual needs and targets.

During the student union event, representatives from Magic Sport explained the various training programmes the centre offers. The IFTM participants – including students and lecturers from the Institute – were able to experience several of the workouts available, covering physical coordination, agility and flexibility.

The visit to the centre allowed participants to learn more about the latest trends in the leisure and sports industry, while enjoying an opportunity to exercise in a high-tech environment and to relieve stress. People taking part in the event commented that the use of digital animations and other interactive effects as part of training routines – particularly for simple and repetitive physical exercises – made the overall experience engaging and fun.

Students who took part said the visit allowed them to get first-hand experience of how the leisure and sports industry is enhancing customer experience, making innovative use of technologies such as virtual reality. Participants reported they were also able to gain insights about the operational side of a fitness club, as representatives from Magic Sport shared details on market segmentation and drafting of special promotions targeting different customer groups, based on age or type of training desired.