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Students, donors stress value in scholarships lies in building potential

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Scholarships are in general viewed as financial help given to someone to provide them with the means to receive an education. IFTM as a broader view.

The Institute regards scholarships as a way of encouraging undergraduates to make the most of the opportunities it offers, including overseas internships, exchange programmes, summer programmes, and participation in international conferences. Scholarships also reward significant achievements and contributions made by students.

The Institute’s view on scholarships is praised by students and the scholarship donors.

Yanni Shen, who graduated from IFTM in academic year 2018/19, received a scholarship from the Macao Foundation for ‘Best Student’ in the Bachelor of Science in Tourism Business Management programme, a scholarship from Nam Kwong (Group) Co. Ltd and a Bank of China 100th Anniversary Commemorative Banknote Award, all in her final year at IFTM.

“Receiving these scholarships really enriches my curriculum vitae,” Yanni says. She says the accolades are proof of her academic hard work and can catch the attention of potential employers.

Yanni came from Mainland China. “I am really grateful that I chose IFTM,” she says. “These 4 years of study have helped me develop my interest in the tourism industry.” Yanni now plans to gain some work experience before enrolling in a tourism-related master’s degree programme.

Kate Kwan, another Bachelor of Science in Tourism Business Management who graduated in academic year 2018/19, also won 3 scholarships for her final year at the Institute: a Bank of China Scholarship, an Isabel and Patrick Huen Scholarship, and a Nam Kwong Education Scholarship.

Kate says doing an internship abroad was a life-changing experience. Her academic performance in her first 2 years at IFTM was average, so Kate applied to go abroad to do the 6-month internship the curriculum requires in Year 3, to give herself the chance to think about her career aspirations. The internship experience abroad broadened her horizons and strengthened her determination to work hard to reach her goals. Kate went on to achieve high marks for the rest of her studies at the Institute, earning herself scholarships along the way. “I do believe that having a record in my curriculum vitae of receiving a number of scholarships, helps me better to explain my capacities to others.”

Hubert Vong is a Year 4 undergraduate taking the programme leading to a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management. Hubert received a MGM Elite Scholarship, which helped him to pay off some of his expenses when he did an internship in New Zealand, in academic year 2018/19. “The scholarship motivated me and provided financial support,” he says. “Going abroad alone made me grow a lot as an individual. I am more independent now.”

Hubert urges other IFTM students to make use of the opportunities to go abroad on an exchange programme or overseas internship, as a way to spur their personal development. The experience may be challenging, he says, but he concludes: “When we learn to get through all the difficulties by ourselves, we become more adaptable to different environments.”

Pathways to success

The IFTM scholarship programme serves several purposes. It rewards students for doing well academically, and for performing exceptionally during internships required by the curriculum. Some scholarships support students that do an internship abroad, that attend academic seminars outside Macao or that go on international exchanges. Other scholarships pay for young people in less affluent households.

The IFTM view of scholarships is endorsed by the wide range of entities that fund them. The endowers of scholarships include arms of the government, private enterprises, charities, associations, and individuals.

Bank of China Macau Branch, the biggest commercial bank in Macao, has been endowing scholarships and awards for IFTM undergraduates for many years. Bank of China Macau Branch Deputy General Manager Mr. Chan Hio Peng says nurturing the talent of young people who show promise is one of the bank’s missions in Macao.

“Knowledge is something really important nowadays,” Mr. Chan says. “The scholarships we provide are a means either to motivate students, or to help students in need so they can continue their studies,” Mr. Chan says.

In academic year 2018/19, 70 IFTM students won Bank of China Scholarships or awards. “We don’t restrict our scholarships to students in specific programmes,” Mr. Chan says. “The aim of providing the scholarships is to encourage all students in their studies.”

Melco Resorts and Entertainment Ltd. Vice-president of Human Resources Ms. Chan Peck Yoke says a curriculum vitae showing that an IFTM graduate won a scholarship can open the door to the graduate’s first job. But it is insufficient on its own, and new graduates must go on to prove their worth to prospective employers in other ways, she says.

Ms. Chan says Melco Resorts, an operator of integrated resorts, looks for more than just academic performance in deciding who will win one of its scholarships. “Attitude and potential are the 2 elements we treasure most,” she says. “Therefore, apart from academic achievements, we consider these criteria when selecting our scholarship recipients.”

IFTM students won 281 scholarships or awards in 2019. The scholarships or awards were funded by 26 entities, which together came up with over MOP2.8 million.

IFTM also offers its own scholarships. In this academic year 73 undergraduates were exempted from paying tuition fees.

IFTM scholarship and fellowship sponsors
Cultural Affairs Bureau
Higher Education Fund
Macao Foundation
Macao Government Tourism Office
Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute
Banco Nacional Ultramarino
Bank of China
Mr. Cheung Lup Kwan
Galaxy Entertainment Group
Golden Burger (Macau) Charity Association
Henry Fok Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Huen
L’Arc Macau
Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association
Macau Hotel Association
Macau Polytex Group
Macau Traveling and Cultural Exchange Promotion Association
Melco Resorts & Entertainment
Nam Kwong (Group) Company Ltd
Sands China Ltd.
Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel
The St. Regis Macao Hotel
Sociedade de Jogos de Macau SA
Wynn Resorts (Macau) SA

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