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Students from IFTM tour Lisboeta Macau to advance their knowledge of retail management

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A group of students and scholars from IFTM toured on March 28 the Lisboeta Macau integrated resort, located in the Cotai district. The field trip aimed to help undergraduates deepen their understanding of retail management and marketing.

The IFTM delegation included students from the English-language stream of the Tourism Retail and Marketing Management Bachelor’s Degree Programme, enrolled on the Seminar in Retail and Marketing Management course. They were led by course leader Dr. Yang Jingjing. Also taking part in the visit was Prof. John Ap, as well as students enrolled on other undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at IFTM.

The management at Lisboeta Macau provided significant support regarding arrangements for the visit.

On arrival to the property, the IFTM group was welcomed by Ms. Haydee Wong, Assistant Public Relations Manager, Corporate Marketing. She led the Institute’s delegation to visit the resort’s 3 hotels – LINE FRIENDS PRESENTS CASA DE AMIGO, Maison L’OCCITANE, and Lisboeta hotel – and their respective guest rooms. Ms. Wong explained in detail the concept behind the design and layout of each room type, and answered questions from members of the IFTM group.

The party also visited several of the main attractions at Lisboeta Macau, including the H853 Fun Factory shopping mall, the Old Macau Street themed area, and the Retro Zone. Ms. Wong provided a presentation about each of the places toured.

The field trip allowed students and scholars from IFTM to engage with representatives from Lisboeta Macau’s Retail Business Development team, including Vice President of Retail Business Development Ms. Christine Hong Barbosa, Senior Retail Operations Manager Mr. Jackson Cheong, and Retail Marketing Manager Mr. Boris Wong. After the tour, they delivered a talk for the IFTM group, introducing the “retail-tainment” concept employed at Lisboeta Macau, and sharing insights on the retail marketing and management strategies used at the H853 Fun Factory mall. In addition, Ms. Hong Barbosa provided students with career development advice and suggestions.