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Visit to oil painting exhibition helps IFTM students explore links between cultural and art management

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

Two groups of IFTM students visited the “5 a.m.” Oil Painting Exhibition on 15 and 16 November separately. IFTM Lecturer Mr. Kelvin Leong Ka Hou hosted the event. It was for undergraduates from year 1 to year 4, as part of the courses Introduction to Cultural and Heritage Management, and Art Administration and Management.

Galaxy Arts is a non-profit cultural space managed by the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation. Their exhibitions are aimed at local residents and visitors, with a focus on nurturing young people and giving them more opportunities to broaden their artistic and cultural horizons.

Regarding the visit, Galaxy     Art introduced the artists and their artworks that are currently displaying     . The exhibition “5 a.m.” chronicles the Macao artist, Mr. Yuen Wai-Ip, about his powerful and emotional artistic expression between the real world and his dream world. His works mainly focus on contemporary issues both locally and globally, expressing the social distance, as well as the emotions and reflections at 5 a.m.

The docents were followed by seminars, moderated by Ms. Florence Lam, the manager of GalaxyArt, and Ms. Catherine Lam, the operational manager of GalaxyArt. The seminar on 15 November was about the differences between a gallery and a museum. According to the speaker, the differences between a gallery and a museum are mainly about the aims, collection, exhibition duration, funding source, and target audience.  As part of the seminar, Ms. Florence Lam mentioned that GalaxyArt      focuses more on raising awareness of arts and culture in society, and provides educational docents for the students in Macao.

The seminar on 16 November focused on venue management for the students from the course Art Administration and Management. Ms. Catherine hosted the seminar and shared about the daily operation and experience in venue management. Students taking part in the activity said it had helped advance their knowledge of local artwork and practical experience in venue settings. In addition, the field trip opened their minds to new avenues for contemporary use and development of cultural space, the students added.

According to IFTM lecturer Mr. Kelvin Leong, he appreciates the exhibition and thinks it is a good way to improve IFTM students’ knowledge of art and cultural management, both theoretically and practically.

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