Selection of Macanese specialities Mop80

(chilicotes, codfish balls, potato & pork samosa, shrimp toast and pork croquette)

Christian 'misso' with bacalhau, prawns and crabmeat Mop120

Stir-fried prawns with turmeric and chilli Mop140

Cabbage roll with pork meat, tomato and Macanese shrimp paste Mop90

Pumpkin and crabmeat soup Mop90

Main courses

Fish 'minchi' (served with rice) Mop150

Portuguese seafood rice Mop160

African chicken with baked potatoes Mop150

Tacho Mop170

Tamarind pork with Macanese shrimp paste and pressed rice Mop150


Sweet temptations from the trolley Each Mop20

Pineapple cake

Coconut & milk pudding

Potato cake

Mango pudding


Jaggery egg


*No government tax and service charge.