IFT Tourism Retail and Marketing Management students successfully completed a Visual Merchandising and Store Design project which helped the Macau Outdoor activity Promotion Association (MOAPA) with a focus to identify business opportunity, developing business model as well as designing extreme sports centre in Macau. We believe that this project is very important to Macau as the government and local industry need to be identifying ways to diversify our economy and industry.

Via this project, students engaged in research leading to the development of mood-board to stimulate the development of concepts and business models. Subsequently, students used floor planning, 3D modelling as well as graphics programmes to turn their ideas into professional illustrations as well as videos for their final presentation.

The course instructor Dr. Fernando Lourenço ((羅導謙), the president of ‘MOAPA’ and architect André Ritchie (李安德) as well as chief interior designer and director of 615 Interior Design Hermes Lai (黎正文), were very impressed with the outcomes and professionalism. This was an excellent way to build a stronger link with the industry by offering our support to local non-profit organisations.

For more information about the projects, please check out our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/iftdesigncourses.



通過此課程,學生透過研究調查及小組討論,創作情緒板(MOOD BOARD),發展不同的商業概念和營運模式,並且利用平面佈置規劃、立體模板以及繪圖工具將其想法具體化,從而成為最終演示的專業圖像及影片。

旅遊學院課程導師羅導謙博士、“MOAPA”會長及建築師李安德先生和“615 Concepts”(室內設計和工程公司) 總裁以及首席室內設計師黎正文先生對學生的研究成果和敬業精神具有非常深刻的印象。透過此課程,旅院學生為澳門本地非牟利機構提供支持,為同業建立了更緊密和良好的溝通平台。


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