With the aim of further facilitating practical learning for students of Tourism Retail & Marketing Management Bachelor programme, the Institute is planning to open an “iRetail Lab” on the Taipa campus hopefully in the upcoming academic year.
The Institute’s courses are known for having the right balance of theoretical and practical learning, equipping students with skills that they could immediately put into use when they start working after graduation.
“We want to prepare our students for their career after graduation when they take up management roles, where they’ll need to understand the operation of a retail business as a whole,” lecturer Dr. Catherine Li Zhuo said, adding that the lab would be a platform for students to get more comprehensive knowledge of frontline and back of house operations before they start working in the retail industry.
She said that the four-year course covers many aspects of retail in tourism context such as back-of-house coordination, travellers’ retail experience, ways to engage customers, and mall management, studying new trends and the impact technology advancement has on customers’ behaviour, in addition to site visits, talks by industry professionals and opportunities to be part of collaborative projects with retail enterprises.
She pointed out that with the introduction of the iRetail Lab, six to seven courses in the programmes would take place there where students can have hands-on experience in store operation through simulation, instead of learning in the classroom through power-point presentations.
She explained the course hopes to let students know that there is more to retail management than just selling a product in the shop front, with subjects covering MIS, merchandising management, service operation, customer data analysis, customer relations management, visual merchandising and store design.
According to Dr. Li, some of the course’s graduates have previously been recruited as management trainees at international travel retailer DFS’s local office, and have successfully become product sales managers after 18 months of training.
Dr. Li said graduates are mostly working at DFS and LVMH brands that have local offices in Macau, as well as working in mall management and marketing in shopping facilities in integrated resorts.
“Companies have said they like our students because they have good communication skills and a good business sense,” Li said. 

澳門旅遊學院旅遊零售及市場推廣管理學士學位課程計劃新學年內在氹仔校園設立“ iRetail Lab”。此零售實驗室的設立旨在進一步加強學生的實踐學習,令學生掌握更全面的零售運作與管理的專業知識。

講師李卓博士表示:“我們的畢業生受到業界的青睞,大部分學生在畢業幾年後都能夠晉升品牌或者公司的管理層。 擔任管理職務時,他們需要了解整體零售業務的運作。我們希望為學生的職業生涯做好準備。”她補充說,透過零售實驗室這個學習平台,能夠讓學生在進入職場前獲得有關前線和後台操作更全面的知識。


課程以理論和實踐相結合著稱,學生掌握了便可於工作中應用專業知識和技能。她指出,隨著iRetail Lab建立,學士課程中的6至7門課程將透過零售實驗室這個平台來進行優化,使學生可以通過模擬零售環境獲得有關商店運營的實戰經驗,而不是通過單純的課堂教學來獲取相關的理論知識。 她解釋,課程希望讓學生了解零售管理不僅僅是在店面銷售產品,其中還涉及管理訊息系統、商品管理、服務運營、客戶數據分析、客戶關係管理、視覺商品和商店設計等。



This is an artist rendition of the iRetail Lab.

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