This year, Tourism Retail and Marketing Management students from the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies engaged in a project to aid mbox co. Limited and Robi3 Macau co. Limited who specialise in smart vending machine. The project was to aid the development of their first vending machine that makes and sell egg waffle. This project was initially introduced in the classroom and later completed via virtual methods due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the guidance of Dr Fernando Lourenço, students conducted in-depth market analysis and industry analysis to spot business opportunities and to identify a target market segment. Subsequently, business models and related marketing mix were developed to suit each business opportunity proposed by students. The outcomes were innovative and many new perspectives were generated to aid successful exploitation of the egg waffle vending machine. The developers, Lap Chan and Judy Wong, were very impressed with the outcomes and appreciate the help IFTM offers to small business and entrepreneurs.

Student List (in Student ID order): Kristy Wong, Adeline Chen, Tony Lei, Sarah Lam, Jessie U, Marco Chan, Martinho Che, Claire Wang, Cassie Lin, Kiki Leong, Rainbow Luk, Tweety Hung, Key Cheang, Ashley Xie, Ellen Li, Christian Cai.


在羅導謙博士的指導下,學生們進行了深度的市場及行業分析,嘗試找出些這些產品及設備的市場定位及價值,最後再構建出相對應的商業模式和營銷組合。學生們無限的創意及新穎的思想為此研發項目帶來了不少改善。兩間公司的主要開發者Lap Chan及Judy Wong均對本次合作研發的結果感到非常滿意,並衷心感謝旅遊學院對中小企業的支持。