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IFTM Event Club

協會介紹、宗旨 Introduction and mission

本會為澳門旅遊學院會展學會,為旅遊學院學生會的附屬學會,成立於 2018 年。本會的 宗旨為透過定期舉辦學生活動、組織交流及訪問團,凝聚及圑結會展系學生,提升學生 整體能力水平,藉此推動澳門會展業的長遠發展。

IFTM Event Club, which is a sub-association of the IFT Student Union, was founded in 2018. The mission of IFTM Event Club is to organize regular student activities, exchanges and visit groups to make cohesion for IFTM Event major students. Students can improve their skills and abilities in different perspective throughout the learning process, thereby we can promote the long-term development of the MICE industry in Macau.

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