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IFTM Tourism Club


本會中文名稱為“澳門旅遊學院旅遊學會”,葡文名稱為“Clube do Turismo da IFTM”,英文名稱為“IFTM Tourism Club”,英文簡稱為:IFTMTC。

澳門旅遊學院旅遊學會於2017年成立,宗旨為加強旅遊學院旅遊管理學系學生溝通,協助學習上困難,補充課程有關的知識,適應校園生活,聯繫澳門旅遊學院旅遊管理學系學生及校友,建立平臺促進學生與旅遊業界交流,瞭解行業發展。以及研究、推廣及促進澳門旅遊、會展及文化創意產業發展,促進發展 “澳門世界旅遊休閒中心” 品牌。

Macao Institute for Tourism Studies Tourism Club was established in 2017, the main objective is to strengthen the communication among the students in Tourism Business Management, helping with the learning difficulties and adaptations to campus life, to connect the Tourism Business Management's students and the alumni members, providing a platform to communicate between the students and the tourism industry to help students having better understandings of the tourism industry’ s development. At the same time, IFTM Tourism Club helps to promote the development of Macao's tourism, exhibition and cultural creative industries, improving the development of the brand of “Macau World Center of Tourism and Leisure”.

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