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宗旨 Mission Statement

Student Affairs:
- Cooperate with different associations to enable our students to participate in various activities of different nature and scope. We hope to help our students find their own interests and develop them in the future.
- Set up different platforms for students to express their opinions. The suggestion box of the Student Union is set up in a prominent position so that students can express their opinions on the policy of the college, facilities, internal and external issues of the Student Union in written form.
- Add additional student benefits for our students, in addition to maintaining the number of existing merchant discount schemes, add additional student benefits for our students.

School Affairs:
- Promote the positive image of the College and the Student Union
- Establish a good cooperative relationship with organizations outside the school
- Active participation in social affairs
- Cooperate with the school's feedback and assist students to take the initiative to report problems

Social Affairs:
- Disseminate important information to our students via social media, such as current events, student welfare or course arrangements. Students can receive information quickly and in a short time.
- Actively promote and participate in public and charitable activities to help different groups in the community to solve problems
- To help promote the development of tourism in Australia, and to help our students find their own interests and develop them in the future.


- 增添專屬本院學生的學生福利,在維持現有的商戶優惠計劃數量基礎下,為本院學生額外增設專屬的學生福利。


- 協助宣傳本澳旅遊業發展,希望能幫助本院學生找到自己的興趣並在日後加以發展。

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