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會展盃 Event Cup

「會展盃」由晚會和活動提案比賽組成,該活動旨在產生凝聚力,並為學生提供活動知識。 活動為有興趣組織活動的學生提供了交流的機會,同時提供平台讓學生們在提案比賽中分 享活動想法。參加者會在晚會上組成小組,並進行緊張刺激的鬥智遊戲和參加活動提案比 賽,以建立更牢固的凝聚力關係,並在整個活動中學習團隊合作的重要性。

“Event Cup” consists of evening gathering and event pitching contest. The event aims at generating cohesion as well as offering event knowledge for IFTM students. It provides opportunities for students who are interested in organizing events to gather in a relaxing party. It also gives a social platform for students who like to share their event ideas in a pitching contest. In order to build up stronger cohesive relationships and learn the importance of teamwork throughout the event, participants will work as groups for engaging in an exciting wit games and participate in pitching contest.

小日子 - 校服日 2021 Our Days-Uniform Day

「小日子—校服日 2021」是全天的活動,其中包括「全天拍照打卡」和「嘉年華晚會 —校服之夜」。活動旨在提供機會給澳門旅遊學院的學生回憶中學往事,讓學生能 在這個特別的日子穿上中學制服,藉此回想起他們美好的中學回憶。在校服日上, 學生不僅能了解其他學校的校服和文化,還可以加強與他人的互動,在大學生活中 建立聯繫,從而豐富大學生活。

Our Days – Uniform Day 2021 is a whole day event containing an all-day photo shooting and an evening party. Our Days – Uniform Day 2021 aims at recalling the high school memories for IFTM students by providing an opportunity for them to wear their high school uniform at this special day. Student can not only learn more about other school’s uniforms and culture, but also can interact with others and connect people in college life, so that their college life can be enriched.